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Dry Hangers

Dry hangers are designed for drying heavy clothes in small or closed places in balcony, utility or even at bedrooms. Made with state of the art using high quality stainless steel and aluminium which are powder coated to give it a sleek and smooth finish. Aesthetic, flexible, movable, user friendly, economical and maintenance free ….our products are a must for every home!
During monsoons, it becomes very difficult to dry your washed clothes. Hence, getting a cloth dryer stand or a cloth hanger stand is sure to be an effective.
We are exclusive into manufacturing, supplying and installing of Pulley type Cloth drying hangers, Foldable floor Cloth Stand and Wall mounted cloth stands in all types of residences. These hangers are stylish, modern, space saving and compact. Ideal to dry clothes inside/outside your home. Gone are the days when people used ropes to dry clothes which looked messy and needed to be tightened every now and then to avoid sagging.